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  Testimonials and Reviews

This program makes a strong case for not dieting: rather, it stresses developing a healthy relationship with food, one based on an understanding of both the physiology of hunger and one's own unhealthy behaviors around food. It also teaches how to eat mindfully. Rosen explains how, from infancy, unhealthy eating habits are instilled in most American children. She demonstrates why, unless there is an underlying medical condition, no foods should be considered "bad" or "off limits". Listeners are taught to recognize how hunger is manifested in their lives and to identify the foods that will help to satisfy this need. Rosen offers helpful exercises, meditations, and relaxation tools. The only flaw in the audio book is some background noise as the author shuffles her notes: overall, the quality is good. Those who follow Rosen's suggestions will need to be dedicated and willing to identify and rectify their "disordered" eating habits. Recommended for consumer health collections. Kathleen Sullivan, Phoenix P.L.

From a professional using the CD set with a "food issues" group:
 Last week we listened together to part of the first CD - stopping and doing the scale rating ourselves on healthy to unhealthy eating and pondering different times in our lives, taking notes re the eating in front of the mirror and the 24hr eating diary to do for homework. I found the healthy/unhealthy eating scale fascinating. It set off some awareness of something that has been going on in me around food. Whenever I get a pound under a certain weight, (whether I know that by the scale or just how I feel in my body), I tend to have a binge. I could see how there is something about being that lean that scares parts of me back to a time in adolescence when I went to a Finishing School for southern belles for a year; I was anorexic that year. I'd never felt so out of place in my life. I think my food firefighter gets pretty panicky that I'm going back there. So that exercise was helpful for me. And the food diary - boy did it set off parts! I look forward to discovering how all this has impacted my group members.

From a member of the CD production team:
 I've spent a good percentage of my life overweight and recently managed to take off the extra pounds. So far it stayed off mainly because my work schedule is presently hectic, but when I'm less busy it's another matter. That's my danger zone, I stuff myself. After we worked on Alice's CD, the message started to sink in for me. Even without planning to, I found myself mentally going through the steps rather than just shoveling my food. For the first time in my life I now actually stop and think about what I put in my mouth and why. (Regardless of what my skinny wife and kids are eating.) I think with this new awareness I can keep the weight off permanently because I'm thinking about food so differently now. I just wanted you to know that and I hope you forward my thanks to Alice. I'd like to meet her some day. She should fly out to record the next CD here.


Testimonials and Reviews

"I highly recommend these CDs for anyone who has a disturbing relationship with food, and for all therapists. I, as a clinician, also benefited tremendously. This form of intervention added a new dimension to therapy. It allowed clients to proceed on their own in a way that felt deeply respectful to them. It helped to open new areas of therapy that had not been tended to and helped them move slowly into those areas." Anne M. Cinque,Ph.D., Psychologist - Washington, DC 

 "This CD series is a gem. A significant and invaluable contribution to the field of applied Buddhism... the best tool for working meditatively with eating problems that I know of. It is warm, wise, and perhaps most important, effective. I recommend it highly to those who struggle with regulating their eating and also to those in the helping professions who work with such clients." - Joseph Bobrow, Ph.D., Psychologist, Founder of Deep Streams Institute, Roshi, author - San Francisco CA 

 "This CD program is just perfect for both therapists and patients. It is a revolutionary, yet elegant and simple approach for anyone with eating issues." - Helen Krell, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, U.C. Davis Medical School 

 "Nutrition has always been one of my passions, so having a greater understanding of this method feels vital. I've so enjoyed listening to your strong, clear, and comforting voice."
L.W. - Masseuse, Healer 

 "With all the chaos around me (during my month in Pakistan) I'd never have found eating peace without those cds. That voice became my friend and guide." H.T. - client

 "I like being able to eat consciously in my own space." B.H. - client

 "clear", "gentle", "compassionate", "deeply respectful", "calm and reassuring" - various clients 

Alice Rosen
Director of Education,
Feeding Ourselves




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